October 19th marks the end of the longest campaign in modern Canadian history. If one lesson can come out of this election, it is that those who want to govern you, want you to be afraid of something. Despite that fear-mongering, you need to vote. Each of the parties have campaigned on fear, even if they state otherwise. It is all rhetoric and none of it matters. The Conservatives want you to be afraid of change which will endanger the economy. They want you to fear the Liberals because of their past issues with corruption. They equate the Liberal Party of Canada with the LiberalRead More →

MORRISBURG — During the federal election campaign, the Liberals are touting in their platform that spending on infrastructure is a method to create jobs. While technically accurate, that jobs are created, they are not the kind of jobs needed for long term growth and stability in the Canadian economy. Setting aside the “Keynesian economic theory” that the progressives like to champion, for a moment, consider what job creation is. According to statisticians, job creation is a new position that did not exist before, in that specific period of time for recording. In other words, a new job created in that specific year. To the personRead More →

As the big announcement was made on September 30th of the proposed Giant Tiger distribution center in Johnstown, a question remains to be answered in South Dundas. Was the municipality considered for the project? Reading through the announcement from the Township of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, all of the announced reasons for Giant Tiger expanding to that area match with what is available in South Dundas.  Available land, check. Workforce, check. Connections to 400-series highways, check. Proximity to other stores, check. So why not South Dundas? Dig a little deeper into what is going on, and the differences become much more apparent. Edwardsburgh-Cardinal promotes the assets it has,Read More →