From the Buffalo News : Let me lob the easy questions: 1) Why is the federal government buying million dollar properties in of all places, Buffalo, NY? 2) Why is the federal government doing this during the recession? 3) Why is the federal government, if they need to buy a new house for a diplomat, not buying a more cost effective house? One that cost less than oh say, 1.38 Million. and lastly… 4) IF you are going to spend 1.38 Million US on a property, why the hell would you buy it in BUFFALO? If I had 1.38 Million USD and I wantedRead More →

American Politics crack me up. Really. Did you know that the United States will lose 500 Million Jobs per month. That’s amazing considering only 310 Million people live in the United States. Methinks that instead of a bloated economic stimulus package, US leaders could do with a Math and a Geography lesson or five! Here’s the YouTube Clip.Read More →