Marcus Ryan, township councillor for Zorra township posted comments to TVO’s “The Agenda with Steve Paiken” about getting rid of school boards in Ontario and put schools under the administration local municipalities. It’s an idea, but I fear that some poorly managed municipalities would do more harm than good having control of schools. It’s bad enough they have a municipal budget to handle, let alone a school or several schools. Ryan’s posting to Twitter prompted me to put finger to keyboard (modern day pen to paper) and come up with seven points that I think would fix Ontario’s education system. Here they are: Constitutional amendmentRead More →

Originally published on Has bilingualism gone too far in Canada? I believe that it has. Just as many other past inequalities have been over-corrected, the Trudeau-idea of bilingualism has gone from a good idea to blatant discrimination. The comments by Dr. Dany Tombler made last week about bilingual hiring practices at the Cornwall Community Hospital and the subsequent reaction within the community prove, without a doubt, that bilingualism has gone too far. The idea of bilingualism comes in two forms. First, that service providers such as businesses or government should provide customer service in both English and French so that no one is excluded.Read More →