Why do I cheer for Buffalo sports teams? I do so, because I get double the fun out of it. Since watching my first Super Bowl game in 1990, I’ve been a fan of the Buffalo Bills. For 23 years I’ve seen highs and lows, in fact, I started cheering for them at their peak, and have watched them go slowly downhill from there. Now they are the perennial underdog and for the last few seasons, always seem to gel as a team the moment they are mathematically eliminated from the Wild Card spot. It is because of this fact, that as a fan ofRead More →

Apparently not what you are told. If I was Dany Heatley, I’d grab a big ol’ cup of STFU and do what my coach tells me. There may be other reasons why Heatley wants out of Ottawa, but we haven’t heard what those reasons are. What we have heard is he’s unhappy about his playing time, being on the second power-play line and he doesn’t like how the coach tells him what to do. Honestly, it’s not his place or job to worry about that. Heatley’s place is on the ice, shooting that black thing called the ‘puck’ between these two connected pipes called theRead More →