Why do I cheer for Buffalo sports teams? I do so, because I get double the fun out of it. Since watching my first Super Bowl game in 1990, I’ve been a fan of the Buffalo Bills. For 23 years I’ve seen highs and lows, in fact, I started cheering for them at their peak, and have watched them go slowly downhill from there. Now they are the perennial underdog and for the last few seasons, always seem to gel as a team the moment they are mathematically eliminated from the Wild Card spot. It is because of this fact, that as a fan ofRead More →

Rephrase that, New Car Dealers suck. Actually lets rephrase that more, New Dodge Canada Car Dealers in Eastern Ontario suck. There. That works. Preface: My wife and I are faced with either keeping our current eight year old van and sinking more money into it, or buy a new van. We owe more on the van than it’s worth, and it has high kilometers so that knocks down the value even more. Let me add, I have no plans on going with anything but a Dodge Caravan. Mainly because Toyota and Hondas are way too pricy and I’ve had my share of issues with ToyotaRead More →