Really? Is it that hard? 41% showed up to vote in Cornwall. 44% in Ottawa. 41% in Toronto. Those people had to take 10 minutes at any one of the advanced polls on the weekends, or on election day, mark a piece of paper and put it in the box. Not hard. Not complicated. So why didn’t more people do it? Good question! Some of the townships in eastern Ontario had Telephone/Internet Voting. Voter turnout? Average 47%. These people didn’t have to get off their ass to vote! Open the mail, take the code, pick up the phone. OoooooOooo Complicated! Municipal Elections are the mostRead More →

I am a political junkie, I admit it. Even though I live in Ontario, I do a lot of work in Quebec so I follow the political comings and goings quite a bit. I first learned of the ADQ in high school during the Quebec sovereignty referendum in ’95 and treated them with a bit of distain. After all, the ADQ sided with the Bloq and PQ on the Yes side. After a number of years and the mellowing out of Mario Dumont (ADQ Leader), I started quietly rooting for them in elections. They were the third option for Quebecers, not the PQ and notRead More →

Do you know why? Partly our education system is to blame as it places emphasis more on computers and less on social studies. Partly is thanks to our multi-channel universe where we have niche TV channels that cater to such fragmented segments of the market that there are no “broad-strokes” painted where people might just exposed to something different. What’s the viewership of the CBC like now that you can watch Retro-Teletoon, Teletoon, Cartoon Network, Teen Cartoon Network, Nick Kids, Bob Kids, Boo this and so on??? Not so great.  It’s pretty sad when those old Hinterland “Who’s Who” commercials are run as for aRead More →