On the Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend we took the family up to the Gatineau Hills to sight-see the fall colours. We also wanted to check out Kingsmere, the estate of former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie-King. The trip itself was great. Beautiful scenery; nice weather; well-groomed walking trails. This is a real treasure in the Ottawa-area. The problem was the getting to and coming home from Quebec. Not Quebec itself mind you, but the roads in Ottawa to get there. The quickest way to get to the Gatineau Hills is via Autoroute 5 in Quebec. The quickest way to get to Autoroute 5 in OttawaRead More →

I am a political junkie, I admit it. Even though I live in Ontario, I do a lot of work in Quebec so I follow the political comings and goings quite a bit. I first learned of the ADQ in high school during the Quebec sovereignty referendum in ’95 and treated them with a bit of distain. After all, the ADQ sided with the Bloq and PQ on the Yes side. After a number of years and the mellowing out of Mario Dumont (ADQ Leader), I started quietly rooting for them in elections. They were the third option for Quebecers, not the PQ and notRead More →