That is the $64 question. Keep reading. I have been a web geek since 1995. I still remember the external 14,400 modem using dial-up to connect to the World-Wide Web on my 386 laptop using Netscape 1.1. Yes I was the chubby kid in high school who dragged a laptop to class. An easy target and no easy feat in 1995. I was on the internet before Al Gore invented it.

I went to high school and barely finished. It was boring except for a few classes. Then I went to college. That was also boring except for a few classes. The career paths I have gone on are essentially the non-boring parts of my schooling, with a smattering of my upbringing and personal interests mixed in.

I’ve worked as a photojournalist and journalist for the past 25(ish) years. When not working directly in the field, I continued to freelance. I’ve worked in IT, web development, radio, and communications when not working for a newspaper.

Currently I am a reporter with a weekly newspaper, whose stories are also published to the Canadian Press News Wire. I also write columns, which are published in print and online. And I also work as a photographer on a freelance basis.