A Case for Mixed Member Proportional Representation

Canada’s current first-past-the-post is an OK system of electing members however there are instances that voters are left holding their noses when they vote. With the looming election this fall, I am faced with this instance and I think it is time that we have an alternative.

I am overall ok with how our Prime Minister has lead the country for the past 3.5 years (already that long?) but I am not impressed with our local MP. In order to keep the government that I think is ok or at least better than the alternatives, I have to vote for an MP who I don’t think serves my riding’s best interests. Conversely if I want rid of the MP, I have to vote for a party who I don’t agree with the leadership of (Iggy & Co.).

What is a voter to do?

MMP would solve this as it would enable me, the voter, to vote for the party I sorta-kinda support while voting against the MP who I don’t support.

I know many in different ridings who are in the same boat. Sadly most of those ridings are also Conservative Party held. Perhaps this reflects on the caliber of candidate they offer, or on the caliber of the voters who vote them in.

What is a voter to do?