Friday Wrap #1 – A Friday wrap…

It’s Friday and while I am on my work lunch break, I thought I’d share some things that are interesting to read or places to check out.

SHuSH, by Kenneth Whyte

I love reading the SHuSH when it arrives in my email inbox. Kenneth Whyte writes this week about the amazing turnaround at Barnes and Noble. This major US chain overhauled itself under new corporate ownership and management, going back to being what a book store should do, sell books (and related written things.) It would be nice if Chapters/Indigo would copy this. Going to one of their Ottawa locations is like walking into a store filled with shopping mall kiosk vendors – the books and magazines are in the corner by the washrooms. I miss book stores.

Speaking of book stores, while in Brockville last Sunday, my wife and I went to this independent book seller/gallery called From Here to Infinity Gallery and Bookstore (213 King St W, Brockville, ON). Great shop with lots of rarities. Old books, some new books, rare books, and lots of photography available to buy. Check it out if you are in the area.

Adam’s Notes

Notes to help you close the Gap between your Creative Ambition and your Daily Practice!

Another thing to check out online on Substack is Adam’s Notes. I can’t draw worth beans, but I like to write and photograph. Adam’s Notes have great little comments, ideas, and thoughts into the creative process. Anything that can help spark some imagination and creativity into a rather blah January filled with freezing rain, snow, and grey sky weeks is alright in my book.,241663?newsletter=241727

Slow news is a thing? I work for a weekly newspaper that still works on a print-first news model. Slow news is definitely a thing. The above story from Editor and Publisher talks about the idea of slow news. I guess what’s old is new again – much like scrunchies and high tops.

Now for a complete distraction down the social media rabbit hole…

Dylan Hollis is a baker who has taken on the task of baking and commenting on old recipes. Really old recipes. And questionable recipes. Hard Tack, a recipe from the US Army in the 1860s Civil War; or Tang Cookies from the 1970s; or Chocolate Beet Cake from the 1950s. Some videos are cringeworthy, others are hilarious. Best not to watch on a full stomach, or an empty one. The Facebook link above are for those of us over 25. Under 25, the videos are on TikTok.

Time to get back to work.