Friday Wrap #2 – Colleges and such…

It’s an interesting experience watching your kids apply for college. I remember many years ago applying for college. I got into four of the five that I applied to. The one that I didn’t, was the one I wanted to go to the most.

I was in a coop program at my high school, working for a newspaper, and freelancing a bit. My first-choice school wanted to interview me and present some of my work, so I drove three hours to Toronto, by myself, in a K-Car (no comment). Perhaps I did not make enough eye contact with the professor. Maybe I mumbled or didn’t give a good enough explanation of a story. I know I wore a clean shirt. Even with 30+ stories written for a weekly newspaper, and a couple freelanced stories, and a few photos sold to newspapers – I didn’t get in.

I don’t remember what the rejection letter said. It was probably along the lines of:

Dear Phil,

You suck. Why did you bother applying here. You know you weren’t good enough to get in. Why try?


First Choice College.

P.S. – You suck.

Needless to say, I sometimes question what would have gone differently if I had been accepted.

Flash forward 20-ish years. Kid 3 applied for college last week. His 2nd, 4th, and 5th choice schools have already sent offers. His 1st choice… same school that was mine years ago. I think he has a better shot of getting in than me.

Some interesting things…

  • Postmedia is shuttering the print edition at a bunch of newspapers in Alberta. Story from the Toronto Star is here.
  • I am a Buffalo Sabres fan. My favourite player on the Sabres – goaltender #30 Ryan Miller. The Sabres retired Miller’s number and raised his number to the rafters. Here is a story about it. Buffalo is nothing if not classy.
  • Speaking of Buffalo, the Bills play the Bengals this weekend. Could this be the Bills’s year?
  • A great blog to read is Bruce MacNaughton’s “A Bunch of Good Things” – Read the blog here.

That’s all for Friday. Thanks for reading.