Friday Wrap #4 – Saturday edition

Meant to post this Friday but sleep got the better of me, so Saturday it is!

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time at home, hiding from the bitter cold, working on a project in my basement. My HO Scale model railroad has been a work in progress for two-ish years, working in fits and starts as money/time allow. I was at a standstill for about six months until I finally bit the bullet and bought a $100 sheet of plywood to finish the roadbed for the last sections. Now the track is almost all down (finishing Saturday afternoon) and I can start procrastinating on the un-fun jobs I have to do next – wiring.

I get like this, where I like to pick off the fun parts of a project, and leave the un-fun or boring parts until close to a deadline. Procrastination. The problem between work deadlines and personal deadlines is work deadlines are finite and there is little movement – I know the person I negotiate personal deadlines with. He is always ready to make a deal.

Deadlines are great when I have to jump through hoops, and horrible when I am setting the course.

Book update: Emeka – Finished this book in record time. A quick read, interesting to read about this person. If you are interested in post-Colonial African history, give it a read. My next book to read is “As I walked about”, which is a collection of walking columns from the Ottawa Citizen, written by Phil Jenkins. A friend I trade books with suggested it so I thought, why not?

An interesting new SubStack I am reading is:

Thoughts on a Typewriter – Why would anyone want a typewriter in 2023? I asked myself this when I was given this Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve by the gorgeous folks at Philly Typewriter. Its beautiful, cool, and fun, but would I actually use the damn thing, and for what?

Give it a read if you like.