Friday Wrap #15 – The crabby edition…

I have been crabby all week. I don’t have one specific reason, I have many little reasons that have stacked up. This happens in spring when I know I have taken on a bit more than I can do without stressing myself out. Not knowing well enough to say no when asked, and also not wanting to give up control of things, I’ve got too many things on the go with looming deadlines. It’s a character trait, maybe a super power, or both. Maybe a curse?

When I get crabby, even little things get to me – like some of the things in the news. I don’t get why the United Conservative Party is spending nearly a Billion dollars (capital B) to build a new hockey arena for the Calgary Flames. What a waste of money – but so is Erie County and New York State spending a Billion on a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. In fact, it is more wasteful to spend the money on the Bills than the Flames. Calgary gets 41 home games plus playoffs; Buffalo gets 8 home games and maybe a couple playoff games.

James Corden is off the air, thank God. Couldn’t stand the guy. Sometimes his carpool karaoke was okay, but otherwise his show was tiresome. I preferred Craig Ferguson in that time slot.

Three things:

Final thought: Do as I say, not as I do – don’t let yourself get overloaded. And when you figure out how to not do that, let me know.