Friday Wrap #16a – Introvert exhaustion…

It’s a good thing the World Health Organization said that COVID-19 is no longer a global health emergency. Today I was was in three large group places which would have been a no-no barely a year ago. But even before the pandemic, three large social situations in a week, let alone a day, would have been tiring for me.

Being afflicted with introvert-like tendencies doesn’t mean you shut yourself up in a room and hate being around people. But it can mean being around people is draining – more so than for others. That was me today. A luncheon with about 200 people, a trade show with about 400 people, and a church with about 125 people.

On the plus side: it was nice to be out at events, and reconnect with some people I knew – many of whom I have not seen in years. But now I need quiet to sit and read by myself. Alone. Away from people.

Lately I’ve been watching old TV shows. We downloaded the Pluto TV app (not a paid sponsorship here) and I have been watching old episodes of Top Gear and Frasier. For free! Who needs Netflix or Amazon Prime?

As it has been a week, and I am mentally exhausted from being extroverted for a day, three things:

Something to read – With the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year, it’s time for Canada to cast off the British Monarchy as our head of state. I liked the tradition of QEII, and after a reminder of “tampon-gate” with Prince Charles and Camilla, I can’t take King Charlie III seriously. Time for us to do our own thing. Here is a story from a couple years ago from The Walrus about how to do it.

Something to watch – Gordon Lightfoot died this week. A music legend who inspired music legends. Despite my liking trains and boats, the Canadian Railroad Trilogy and the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald are mind-numbingly boring songs. My favourite songs by Gordon Lightfoot: Carefree Highway, Sundown, and Canary Yellow Canoe.

Here is a clip from Strombo’s House of Strombo show with John Prine, cued up to his interaction with Lightfoot. One of my favourites.

Something to listen to – technically it’s watch, but you don’t have to watch Peter Mansbridge, Chantel Hebert and Bruce Anderson in this video, just listen. It counts okay!

The Final Word – At one of the events I was at, I people-watched. A fun activity where you see prominent figures and look to who they gravitate to. Some people work the room at an event – finding connections and seeking out people they know. Others gravitate to one or two people and plant themselves. Both say a lot about people. I’d rather associate with the person who works the room, than the one who plants themselves.

The person who works the room knows the value of connecting people – even people who may not be at their level, or in their interest. That person is interested in building bridges, even if only temporarily. One who just associates with one or two people, and doesn’t connect with others, isn’t interested in building things. I like building.