Friday Wrap #19 – The Twitter Sucks edition…

Twitter sucks. There. I will say it. Twitter sucks, and even most social media platforms suck. Instagram is about the only one I enjoy, and even that is getting dodgy. Twitter is the worst.

My 16 year old son has a Twitter account. It was hacked. We fixed the password issue, and Twitter suspended the account. Even after enabling 2FA authentication, having a good obfuscated password, and deleting the crap posts from the hackers, Twitter suspended the account. A couple appeals later, no where. I am not sad he cannot use the platform.

I have been a Twitter user for years, mostly to cause shit. I like to do that. But lately even I am not using Twitter much. Elon has something to do with that, but also I am bored with Twitter. It’s just a bunch of people in a room yelling at each other. The only real interesting thing on Twitter is when a reporter is livetweeting from the scene of somewhere. Twitter has jumped the shark.

My kid is upset because his account suspension had nothing to do with his actions. I told him not to worry about it. I told him Twitter is meaningless… he doesn’t believe me. He dislikes to think that someone, somewhere is mad at him, even though it is just a computer bot left running Twitter. Fun times.

Three things:

Something to read – Photographer Tony Beck’s piece in PhotoNEWS on Whales and Dolphins in the Antarctic. Definitely worth a look at. So cool! (

Something to watch – I am a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins (Pre-2000 breakup) and I recently saw this video by Pumpkin’s front man Billy Corgan singing one of my favourite Neil Young songs, After The Gold Rush.

Very cool.

Something to listen to – Youth soccer is a mess. Not the organization I run, but as a whole, youth soccer in the US and Canada is a mess. The soccer pathway is a mess because too many people are making too much money out of it – and not of it is the benefit for kids. Coach Cameron Soccer Podcast goes into this a bit. Coach Kyle C Wilson in Florida is another to check out on Instagram about it. And it’s not just a US problem, ditto in Canada.

Final word – If you want to ruin a PR person’s day, be a journalist and ask them hard hitting questions at 2:15 p.m. on a Friday. Happy weekend! (Come on, PR people ruin journalist’s weekends by posting bad news press releases at 4:30 p.m. on a Friday, I can do it too!)