Friday Wrap #21 – Ranting a day late

Yes, it’s Saturday – again. For some reason, after 9pm I am zonked. I find people are exhausting lately. Not all people… intolerant people.

Two weeks ago, a Progress Rainbow Pride flag was painted on a crosswalk in the village where my kids go to school. It is in front of their school. It’s pretty awesome.

Less than 48 hours later, some morons burned out their tires on it. A week ago, when dignitaries and school officials were at the crosswalk for the photo op, a kid from the the school yelled at the MP as he was finishing his prepared remarks. I replayed the audio recording a few times and wrote in my story it was an “Expletive.” I couldn’t make out exactly what was yelled. It was either a swear word, or a slang English word for a cigarette. Either way – inappropriate. Especially when the MP speaking is gay.

That is the overt crap I’ve seen, and heard about this crosswalk. Then I talk to people. Comments about why the crosswalk had to be painted. Comments about why it had to be painted there. “Why don’t veterans get crosswalks too?” And even comments about why schools promote the “woke agenda” and how as a journalist, I should investigate that. For all this, I have two words…

Fuck off.

Seriously, just fucking quit it. Give your head a shake.

Thank you for reading this sweary and ranty post in Wanderings – Selected writing by Phillip Blancher. This post is public so feel free to share it.


I don’t care if you are homophobic, or racist. Keep your opinions to yourself. If you don’t like people who are different then you… same. Shut the fuck up. Quit whispering your views to others about how “Shameful” it is that there is paint on a road. Keep your antiquated views to yourself.

Do you know why there is no veteran’s sidewalk, or “veteran’s month”? Nearly every village and town in this country has cenotaphs – that’s why! Why do we have “Black History Month” and “Indigenous History Month” and “Pride Month”? To highlight all the history and culture that 2,000 years of white men ruling the world tried to obliterate.

I know, as someone who works in media, I should maintain a professional distance and decorum, detach myself from opinion and take the high road. That is what you are taught in school. I call bullshit on that.

If you are offended by a rainbow painted on a road, or two people of the same gender kissing, or of gender fluidity or anything else – don’t say a fucking word to me about it. Nothing. I will not listen, I am not interested in hearing your opinion about it. Shut up.

There is a wise saying that is said to be from Mark Twain, but that is disputed.

“Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Three things:

  1. Something to watch…
  2. Something to read – Rainbow Crosswalks are more than symbols (
  3. Something to listen to…

A final thought – I’m 46, turning 47. When I went to school in the 80s and 90s, I am sure I went to school with kids who were different. I was tortured in school by a select few because of my weight. I was busy being tortured, so I didn’t see if others were for different reasons. I am sure there was. Our principal at the time was more interested in the successes of his basketball teams than running the school or making sure everyone had a safe place in the school. I am glad to see 30 years later there has been progress made. Progress is not perfect, but it’s better than what it was.

Be kind to others, and if you can’t be — do everyone a favour and shut the fuck up.