Friday Wrap #30 – It’s just a number

I thought about titling this Friday Wrap “30”, but then I thought better of it. Those with journalism backgrounds know that -30- at the end of a press release means the end of the press release. Many journalists in the past, when retiring, have titled or ended their fond farewell to the public “-30-”. I’m 47 and nowhere near retirement being on the Freedom 95 retirement plan. So not to give the wrong impression, this column is not titled 30, but it is the 30th Friday Wrap.

I’m strangely comfortable with being 47. Usually for birthdays I put on a brave face, say it’s nothing but a number, and carry on. Meanwhile inside my head, I am filled with the anxiety that goes with the impending clock of life advancing another year. I wasn’t this year. Still am not. It could be all the change around me causing this to block out, but I don’t think so.

My oldest son turned 21 today. He’s finished post secondary school, and now is embarking on adventure, a career, or maybe both. When I was 21, I was embarking on stalling the inevitable and clinging on to the wrong friend group in the hopes of propping up my self-esteem and self-worth issues. When I write that, I mean drinking, partying, and all the general stupidity that 21 year olds get into. Don’t ask about the time in the Watertown Denny’s at 2 am or speeding towards the border looking to see if NY State Troopers were after us.

This same weekend that my oldest son turns 21, middle son (18) is going to college in residence. He’s an hour away, and my wife (always 39) is going back to school to change careers – also at the same college. Youngest son (16) enters Grade 12 and we will begin all these things again next year. Like I said, lots of changes happening in our world, my world. So I am content I think that the only change I’ve had is that I now like Shwarma (I didn’t dislike, just had not had it) and my life clock advanced another notch.

Three things…

Something to read – The struggle to house the Prime Minister properly continues… – Seriously, we can’t put PMJT in a proper home? Sad state of affairs if you ask me.

Something to watch – Looking at houses, it’s tempting to get something and built it myself. I’ve been looking at these A-Frame homes from Estonia, which also have non-A Frame homes too. Check it out.

Something to listen to – The Smashing Pumpkins have a nuanced sound that is clearly identifiable as being ‘90s. Part of that was Billy Corgan’s vocals, the rest was the cool guitar effects and sounds that seems only a few other groups from that time were able to do. Think Veruca Salt, harmonic guitars, etc. The Pumpkins ended in 2000, but Corgan seems to have forgotten. He reformed a version of the group in 2006, then went through a bunch of iterations, and now most of the band is back together – much like other groups from 20 years ago that decided to cash in on nostalga for those of us who can ill-afford it but are too stupid to resist. A few years ago, Corgan was interviewed on CBC Radio One’s Q with Tom Powers. And he performed a cover of one of my favourite Neil Young songs. Here’s a video of it. I am not often a fan of covers, but this cover of After the Gold Rush is pretty good.

Final word – Never order the Habanero and Jalapeño sauce for the same burrito bowl. Middle son found that out the other day. This is the kid who loves spicy food, and he found a peak point for now. That’s all I have.