Friday Wrap #40 – Echo the feedback

’ve been reflecting on my one year on Substack and posting extra pieces. I am five days short of my regular use of Substack. In that time, readership has grown. I expect it is about the same level of readership as my column in the print edition of the newspaper I work for. Since January I have almost regularily posted Friday Wraps, where I think and talk about other things. Usually it’s stuff that would/should/could have gone into a Wanderings column.

For the past six months though, online reading has plateaued. In fact, readership of the Friday and Sunday posts is declining. I wonder now if maybe, people are losing interest. I ramble on about many things, but that may not be people’s cup of tea.

So the challenge this week readers, let me know if you want me to continue with these Friday posts.

Three things:

Something to listen to – The “Beatles” AI-rescued song “Now and Then” was run through AI to create a 1964 “Beatles” version. I hate using all the quotes around things here. The AI version of the AI rescued demo tape with two dead Beatles song is better – in my view ) – to that of the AI rescued version.

Something to watch – One of my favourite comics is Louis Black. Black announced he is retiring from touring comedy. I haven’t had the opportunity to see him live, and likely won’t. But no matter. Here is one of my favourite rants by “Uncle Louis.”

Something to read – Bill C-18, the online news act, is killing online media – or at least Facebook’s dim view of paying for news it takes and makes money off without compensating news media. I suspect by the time this all plays out, we’ll have a new government in Ottawa, and what C-18’s flawed legislation hasn’t killed off, our new government masters will kill. The plan, as I sussed out from talking to MPs and candidates, is for the blue team is to cut all media subsidies. Circulation fund, heritage fund, etc. Replacing it all, a few ads from the government. Turn the lights out.

Back to C-18, flawed legislation, and it is being ignored. For more on C-18 and it’s flaws, read this by Michael Geist –

Final word – I like chunky peanut butter.