Friday Wrap #46 – Migrating is fun if you can fly

I wish I could fly. Or at least, I wish I could fly through migrating my site. As readers know, I fled the Nazi platforming site Substack and took my toys with me. Well, I am trying to but have run into a few snags.

While many Substack writers were jumping ship to a platform called Ghost, I did not want to pay more to write and post. I already pay for my web hosting and have a site on it. Why pay again to have a separate platform?

Doubling down on my old website, I soon discovered that my great and wonderful plans to keep it up to date fell by the wayside quickly. Migrating content is great when the tools for moving from one site to another work. When the tools don’t work, it’s not fun.

Those who subscribe to this migrated site will notice lots of emails with lots of old content. In order to move posts, I have to essentially repost on the new site what I copy and pasted from the old site. Lucky readers, and lucky me.

Each day you may see some old posts, delete or re-read. I am trying not to flood inboxes or unbalance work by only reposting 5-10 posts per day. Sorry about the clutter.

Migration of data has never been easy. Try switching phones. Or computers. It stands to reason that a bunch of zeros and ones should be easier to transfer than a collection of paper. Nope.

Website migration is even worse. Different platforms, different languages, and different logic. Digital designers playing nicely isn’t a thing.

With exception of the posts mentioned above, everything else is moved and Substack can fade away to its Nazi-supporting hell it has created.


Three things:

Something to watch – I am not a big fan of rap. Most of what they call rap now I add a “c” to. But old skool rap I like. So I was surprised to see Cypress Hill had performed an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. A stripped down version of Insane In The Brain is pretty cool. B-Real and Sen Dog sound great, but look old.

Something to watch – This Canadian artist from British Columbia bought a really expensive printer from Canon a few years ago. I have looked at this printer for my own photography prints. She detailed recently an issue which covers all that is wrong with Canon’s customer service, and designed obsolescence that tech companies build into their products.


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Something to read – Currently reading The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin. Received it for Christmas. Interesting to read his views on the creative process and what creativity really is. Click on the link and buy a copy. Note, that link goes to Amazon and I will make a small fraction of a fraction off the link.

Final word… The KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) is a great method to use for anything designed or built..