Friday Wrap #49 – Late again

Yup, late again. Normally I write these Friday afternoons or evenings, but I was at a hockey game last night for work so… I’m late. Saturday it is instead.

Recently, I have taken to selling off some of my model trains to buy new model trains. My interests changed, which I have written about here before. What I find annoying about selling my trains lately though is the shipping.

Canada Post used to be reasonable. Purolator was also reasonable, but higher priced. I never used UPS or FedEx unless a buyer was gave me his account number to use to ship an item to him. Now it’s all expensive.

I finally figured out a reasonable method – Flat Rate Boxes from the post office. But there are issues. Unlike the USPS flat rate boxes, the weight limit is 11 lb. US is 75 lb. You could ship brake rotors for a minivan in them (don’t ask) – not Canada Post though. Luckily, model trains are much lighter.

Still, the flat rate boxes are not inexpensive. $20 to $28 per package depending on the size I use. I can safely place four cars in the $20 package, and eight in the larger one. But the higher shipping discourages people from buying. It’s difficult to justify buying a $30 box car and spend $20 for the shipping.

This is no different than normal shopping online anymore. There are no deals.

I get shipping costs money and this isn’t a small country by any means – but it makes selling much more difficult.

Okay, enough whining.

Three things…

Something to read – This story from the Kingston Whig-Standard tells of a package stolen from the post office at CFB Kingston. $50K in rare coins sent by Canada Post. Whoops!

Something to watch – I used to watch Whose Line is it Anyway? – Where everything is made up the points don’t matter (sounds like Canadian Politics right now.) Seeing Wayne Brady and a partner come up with songs on the fly was my favourite part of the show.  Like this (uh oh… theme alert!)

Something to listen to – Please Mr. Postman (The Beatles)

Last thought – back to the coins in the mail. My shipping preference scales to the expense of the item. For that much in coins, I’d go with the best option, not the cheapest option.