Friday Wrap #52 – Other dumb things…

I wrote in my weekly column Wednesday about communication failures. Largely this is government-types trying to either over explain or micromanage things. Today, City News and other outlets reported that the Niagara region has declared a state of emergency “out of an abundance of caution.”

Warning, there may be tourists – run. No wait, don’t run. Stay at home.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen… today. And I follow Nobody Cares Anthony on Instagram (cheem creams?)

Grab the bubble wrap before you head outside. I think I need to start a pool to see how long it is before the area I live in declares a similar state of emergency. Instead of Chicken Little, I should have used the Little Boy that cried Wolf analogy.

In Ontario, municipal officials declare states of emergency; in New York State, life is chill.

Kevin Newman, formerly of W5, Global TV, and some US networks, wrote an interesting piece on how Bell is gutting media in Canada. ( He’s not wrong, but Bell didn’t do it first. Fifteen years ago, it was Corus Entertainment that started the bloodletting. Rogers, Bell, and others learned from Corus. Bell is the most hypocritical though. It’s a stroke of marketing genius to launch an initiative to promote mental health while timing it’s near yearly corporate bloodletting and staff downsizing to shoulder the promotion.

I used to work for Bell, and I used to work for Corus. I am happy to not work for either. They are probably happy to not have me working there too. So be it.

Something to read – As the politicians and experts agree that we have some form of housing crisis in Ontario and Canada, there is an idea that might work if people here can get out of their traditional views of home ownership and living arrangements. In Sweden, there are communal homes where people have their private bedrooms and bathrooms, but common areas are shared with others. Here is an example (

Something to listen to – I am starting to think I need to go on vacation. (

Something to watch – I haven’t listened to Peter Mansbridge’s audio program much lately. It was a little disconcerting to see him hawking reverse mortgages. But this edition of his show was interesting. (

The last word – I made the move a few months ago to pull my stuff off Substack because of its links to profiting off white supremacist blogs and such. They changed, but I am not going back to posting content on the platform. I am going to treat Substack no different than Facebook and Twitter. I will post links on Substack to my content on my website. That’s all. No money, no different than Elon Musk’s Twitter or such.

Have a good week.