People of the Week – December 12, 2011

Since my new column doesn’t start until the new year, and the morning show gig is over, I decided to keep going with the People of the Week for now.

So without a further ado:

#3 – New Bloc Quebecois leader Daniel Paille – Paille won the leadership of the BQ on the weekend. The only booby-prize larger than winning the BQ leadership is becoming the Leader of the Federal Liberals. Good luck Paille.

#2 – North Korean Dictator and all around nice guy, Kim Jong-Il – It seems the “Supreme Leader” is offended because South Korean military have decorated their border watch towers along the DMZ with Christmas Decorations. North Korean officials warned of “ramifications” if they didn’t take the festive decor down. Read the story here in the Vancouver Sun.

#1 – Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney makes the top of the heap this week. Saturday’s debate led to an exchange with Texas Governor Rick Perry over health care.

Within seconds of this $10,000 bet, Romney was being made fun of throughout the “Twitosphere” and in the media. Republicans, like Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, are their own worst enemies when it comes to screwing up the message. I doubt this will cause a big issue overall, but I still don’t see one candidate in the GOP who have a chance winning against Obama in 2012.