People of the Week – December 19

This week’s People of the Week:

3) Kim Jong Il is number three. As its been pointed out many times, that’s three dictators/wing-nuts/terrorists gone this year. First Bin Ladin, then Gaddafi, and now Il (or is it Jong Il?). All we need is a Ahmadine-whack-job and Assad gone… oh and Chavez… maybe Putin… and that whacky guy who runs Belorussia. Crap… Nevermind.

2) Fernando Aguirre – Aguirre is President and CEO of Chiquita Brands International, otherwise known as “Chiquita Banana”. Chiquita announced last week that it was going to require that its company will not use oil that comes from Alberta’s oil sands. A great idea to support tin-pot, third-world dictators which oppress women, shoot political opposition and sponsor terrorism. Glad you showed us equal-rights, democratic, free right loving Canadians.

1) US Republican Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul. Paul makes the list in part because of his upswing in the polls. Also from his appearance on Jay Leno. I watched it and wow… I wish we have Conservative/Libertarians in Ontario and in Canada who spoke like this.

I really doubt that the Republicans will pick Ron Paul as their nominee. Conservatives alike are known for eating their own and shooting the real good candidates in the foot (metaphorically speaking). Just as Robert Stanfield is the best Prime Minister Canada never had, Ron Paul will be the best President the Americans will never have.