When in Montréal…

Drive like crazy: or in the case I had today, park like crazy. I was trying to leave my parking spot, a guy wanted it, but wouldn’t back up so I had room to get out first. Note to drivers, if you want a parking spot, let the person who’s leaving the spot, leave the spot!

Eat a bagel: or in my case, five dozen. Go to St. Viateur Bagel. The bagels I bought went from the wood-fired oven to the bag in about two minutes. My car still smells like bagels now. Which is a good thing. So good. Usually when a parent comes home from a trip, the kids ask if the parent bought toys; my kids ask if I brought bagels.

Let your friends know you are going to Montréal: only after you state you are on your way home. This way you are not trucking back stuff they are too lazy to drive to Quebec to get themselves.

Buy gas in Ontario: Crossing the Ontario/Quebec border jacks the price of gas slightly (1.16/1.19 per liter), but going drive 20km east to Dorion, it’s 1.27/l and along Decarie Blvd, 1.37/l. Always remember to fill up BEFORE you get to Quebec. The exception to this rule is going to Ottawa and getting gas in Gatineau, but this blog posting is about Montréal.

And in winter: bring windshield washer fluid. Montréal roads + winter weather = salt spray on your windshield.