My neverending saga with Telus Mobility

I have been a client of Telus Mobility since March of 2007. Since that time I have gone through three phones. First an HTC Starcom 6700 Phone running Windows Mobile, then an Original Motorola Moto Q and finally, my Blackberry Curve 8530. Each time when I’ve had issues with the phone, I have had to fight with Telus to repair, replace or upgrade the phone. I thought after switching to Blackberry in May of 2010, that my issues with phones were over with. I thought wrong.

My bills haven’t been too expensive, and the phone was mostly reliable, in the beginning. Sometimes I’d take a picture, and the phone would reboot. I called Telus support and we’d do a few things and the problem went away. Then the reboots became more frequent. Issues resolved with a few phone calls and some backing up and restoring action on the phone. Then the warranty ran out.

Now nine months after the warranty ran out, my phone reboots endlessly. The phone hasn’t even finished loading from the last reboot, it reboots again.

Four hours on the phone with Telus Mobility. Even a few messages on Twitter with @TELUSsupport to fix the issue. Their solution was to replace the phone, which they will do for $150 to let me out of my existing contract. Then I could get a new phone and a new contract. I don’t think I should pay $150 to replace a piece of equipment that has been faulty for a long time, and should be their responsibility to replace since the issues started when it was under warranty.

What I want is a phone that works, and doesn’t reboot every 30 seconds. What I also want is a provider to actually back what they sell for phones.

It appears that Telus isn’t it.

A tin-can and string sounds more reliable.