My neverending saga with Telus Mobility, Part Deux

Two days later, and I am no longer a Blackberry user. After dealing with Telus Mobility Support agents, and an agent via their Twitter feed, I am through. I have downgraded my service to my wife’s old LG Flip Phone and ditched the malfunctioning Blackberry.

I was not budging on the $150 fee to renew my contract to get a new phone, and they were not budging on making it right their faulty device. Despite my protestations that this was a continuing problem from when it was under warranty and as they did not fix the problem then, they should fix it now.

I was offered a 25% discount on the $150 fee, but was told “you should just take the deal”. I protested and said I would switch to the old phone, “you should just take the deal, how will you do without your Blackberry?”

The agent didn’t like being told that that was none of his business. Same agent refused to transfer me to someone to do that unit swap.

So with 15 months left on my contract, I will be paying the smallest amount on my piece-of-crap LG phone. No more email and no more web on my phone. As soon as my 15 month sentence is up, I will be no longer a Telus customer. My wife’s Blackberry also is due at the same time and that phone will be leaving Telus.

I did phone around to Bell and Rogers, and both offered good deals. Better, in fact, than what Telus wanted.

In 15 months I may not need a cell phone, so who knows what I will use, but it will not be Telus.

This is not my first issue with Telus; it has been five years of issues with Telus. The last time I had a major issue, I had to contact Telus’s executive office and their board of directors in order to get this resolved. These blog postings are being emailed to those same people. If someone from the Executive Office makes it right again, then I may reconsider. But I doubt anyone will.

15 months to go.