Early mornings…

I do not understand what possesses grown adults to put a boat in the water before the crack of dawn to catch fish, let alone go into a competition with others to do so. All that effort just to weigh the fish, and then put them back in the water. I would at least keep a few of the good ones for a nice lunch or dinner.

When I went to cover this year’s bass tournament send off at the crack of dawn — with suitable amounts of coffee brought along — I gained an appreciation of why one might want to do so.

The above photo was taken at 6:55am, and there have been no image adjustments made. Just straight from the camera goodness, without bracketing exposures, HDR tricks or blowing the saturation to some unnatural frigging levels to show off your Photoshop tricks. Just sun, shadow, a beautiful river, and some boats.

(Nikon D7100, 100ISO, f8, 1/1000th second shutter, 70mm lens.)